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electrical shop material list

Electrical Construction Wiring Materials List
Last Revised: 14 APRIL 2015

NOTE: No preassembly of materials except knock out closures if needed
(all knock outs must be closed prior to start of contest.)

1-100 amp MLO 120/240 volt 4 circuit load center with equipment grounding bar in addition to neutral bar

2-15 amp 1 pole breakers

2-20 amp 1 pole breaker

1-20 amp 2 pole breaker

4-4″ x 1½” square metallic boxes with ½” knock outs

5-Single-gang nonmetallic box, nail-type

1-Double-gang nonmetallic box, nail-type

2-Round nonmetallic boxes, nail-type

2-Metallic utility boxes with ½” knock outs (Handy Box)

2-4″ Metallic octagonal boxes with internal clamps

2-Expandable bar-hangers to fit octagon boxes

2-Single-pole switch with screw terminals only*

2-Three-way switch with screw terminals only*

1-Four-way switch with screw terminals only*

5-15 amp 110 volt duplex receptacle with screw terminals only

1-20 amp GFCI receptacle

1-20 amp 220 volt single receptacle with screw terminals only

1-Raised receptacle cover (duplex)

1-Raised GFCI cover (single-gang) for 4″ square box

2-Keyless lampholders

16-½” EMT set-screw connecters with lock-nuts

16-½” EMT one hole straps

3′-#8-3 w/g NM Cable to use as service entry cable (SE preferred)

1- NM adapter to fit #8-4 Cable above

30′-#14 THHN white solid

30′-#14 THHN red solid

30′-#14 THHN black solid

30′-#14 THHN green solid

40′-12-2 NM WG

30′-12-3 NM WG

15′-12-4 NM WG

16-NM connectors

Box-NM staples

10-Ground screws (10-32 RHMS)

24-16-penny nails

30-#10X5/8 pan head sheet metal screws

15-Red “wirenut” wire splices

15-Yellow “wirenut” wire splices

12-Green “wirenut” grounding wire splices

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