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Particle trade gum 5 L x 4 sacks Porous kitchen packs Plastic sack For holder BOX PP 2 band Courier benefit receipt


Recuperation of utilized particle trade gum. Particle trade gum gathered experiences transfer burning by ensured work force. Dioxin does not happen in light of the fact that burning happens at high temperatures. Fiery remains, wore out and reuses the interlocking wood crude materials, and so forth. (Step by step instructions to utilize the recuperation benefit) 1. Request gathering administration with particle trade tars 2. Deplete the particle trade pitch with depleting sack, at that point bundle each pack in vinyl packs 3. Kindly send to gathering focus by messenger receipt 20L unitsBy screwing charge hose into benefit port with valve center, valve center press push valve center within benefit port and influence liquid to experience.

ESCO Part Number



R12, R22, R410A, R404A, R407C (1/4inch hose)


*[No return] – You can’t restore this item. For points of interest, see FAQOuter measurement internal distance across About 9.1x 5.0x 7.0 tallness


One side of hose association mouth incorporates valve center pusher. Tighten benefit port which contains valve center. The opposite side must be fastened administration port without valve center.

ESCO Part Number



5/16inch hose

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