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It is not hard to find electrician Dubai, but you are seeking for a trusted one! If this is the case, you are most likely ending up hiring a well-known electrician company with higher service rate than the market average! because this company need to cover the cost of its branding & marketing, not because it is bringing more value to you!

Rafeeg connects you with trusted Electrician Dubai

The solution is to use Rafeeg App, it is an Uber for home maintenance in Dubai. It connects you with more than 450  trusted providers, 30 trusted electricians in Dubai. It maintains work quality,  competitive rates, and prompt response.

So you will need to submit your request in the app for an electrician in Dubai to receive offers from different providers. Then you would be able to select the best provider for you based on the offered price, customer reviews, and work portfolio which will be available in the app.

Later, If you decide it to cancel or replace the selected provider for any reason, you can do so with a click of a button with no obligation toward the selected electrician.

Electrician Dubai Prices

Based on our market research, the price range is between 100 to 150 AED per hour. However, the electricians in Dubai prefer a lump sum rate! If the electrician offered an hourly rate, ask him to give you a lump sum rate to ensure they don’t spend more time than it is needed!

So how would you use the average hourly rate to evaluate the offered rate! Easily, you will need to ask the electrician the estimated time to complete the job! you divide the lump sum amount by the estimated time to figure out the hourly rate!

Don’t forget, it is common in Dubai to negotiate the rate, so invest 5 minutes to make a 15% discount or maybe more!

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