Dubai Electrician Jobs

Electrician Helper Dubai

Circuit tester HELPER JOB will do the fallowing employments/work – 1. Helps ELECTRICIAN in introducing and repairing wiring, apparatuses, and hardware on board transport and in shipyard offices: Supplies ELECTRICIANS with materials and devices, utilizing handtrucks, or via conveying material. 2. Measures and slices pipe channel to determined length, utilizing steel tape and hacksaw. 3. Strings course closes, utilizing channel threader, and associates couplings and conductor fittings, utilizing wrench. 4. Manufactures course bolster sections from tie press strips, utilizing hacksaw, molding kicks the bucket, sledge, and punch. 5. Secures sections to bulkheads with screws and fasteners and pulls wires through conductor prompting association boxes, switch boards, and different terminals. 6. Strips protection from wire closes, utilizing wire stripping forceps. 7. Binds or screws wires to terminals for ensuing welding. 8. Performs different obligations depicted under HELPER Master Title.

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