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A British man confronting a conceivable three-year imprison sentence in Dubai over cases that he touched a man on the hip in a bar has meanwhile been condemned to a month in prison for making an inconsiderate motion and drinking liquor.

The battle association Detained in Dubai (DiD) said Jamie Harron has been condemned in absentia to 30 days in jail for the activity and drinking liquor. His delegates said he is to claim against his conviction.

The 27-year-old circuit tester from Stirling likewise faces up to three years in prison after he is charged to have touched a man on his hip in a bar to abstain from spilling a drink, DiD said.

As indicated by a representative, Harron conceded drinking liquor at the Rock Bottom Bar party spot in the wake of being captured in July, however denied making an inconsiderate motion.

His legal counselors have presented an interest and are expecting a judgment on 22 October for no less than one of the cases.

Harron stated: “My legal counselors have put a complaint in on my 30-day jail sentence issued by my absentia that me and my legal advisor didn’t think about in any case.

“I trust that it can be dealt with yet I as of now didn’t figure it would have continued for such a significant number of months in any case. I’ve lost my activity, I’m owing debtors now, I might go to jail and this for a two-day stopover.

“It’s simply unimaginable. I’m still in stun that it’s really happened.”

In connection to the next charge, Harron is said to have been holding a drink, traveling through a swarmed bar, and holding a turn before him to abstain from spilling it on himself or others.


He then “touched a man on his hip to keep away from affect”.

The association claims it was simply after Harron and his companion sat at a table that the man who had been touched appeared to be exasperated.

Police touched base at the scene 20 to 30 minutes after the fact and captured Harron, as per his agents.

He was then said to have been accused of open foulness, bolted up for five days in Al Barsha jail, at that point discharged after safeguard with his international ID seized.

He has since lost his activity and has spent more than £30,000 in costs and legitimate charges, having just been stuck there for three months.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office representative stated: “We have been in contact with a British man following his capture in Dubai in July.

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