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The Electrician Journeyman introduces, investigates, investigates, repais, works and keeps up electrical frameworks and segments of electrical power dispersion and producing hardware. Performs activities and support obligations to keep up energy to broadcast communications gear and keeps up the office’s physical electrical conveyance framework in decent shape. Reports to the Maintenance Supervisor and capacities under his general heading. Must have the capacity to adequately impart both verbally and in composing.



Investigates and repairs wire circuits including electrical hardware, for example, conveyance boards, transformers, engine control circuits for engines and control gadgets for different electrical gadgets and supporting electrical wiring dispersion frameworks.


Interfaces electrical appropriation frameworks for remote areas to nearby electrical creating gear, for example, diesel generator sets and electrical circulation switchgear to incorporate establishment of board sheets, branch circuits, breakers, switches, course, and wiring.


Gives specialized help capacities to UPS, Generators, and HVACs.


In charge of investigation and support of every single electrical framework to incorporate electrical machines and outlets (to incorporate GFI circuits, crisis lighting, and focal fire caution frameworks).


Performs begin/run operational assessments on generator sets and full load/office stack tests, routine operational checks of all electrical change gear, control cabling, and transformers.


Introduces or repairs any of an assortment of electrical gear, for example, generators, transformers, office UPSs, switchboards, controllers, circuit breakers, engines, warming units, course frameworks, or other transmission hardware; working from outlines, illustrations, designs, or different details.


Analyze inconvenience in the electrical framework or hardware, working standard calculations identifying with stack necessities of wiring or electrical gear, and utilizing an assortment of circuit repairman’s hand devices and estimating and testing instruments.


Working learning of Exterior Secondary Power Distribution, Interior Secondary Power Distribution, Interior, Exterior, Perimeter and Area Lighting, Access Control System, Lightning Protection System, Grounding Systems.


Learning of MIL Standards and DOD clients is required. Must have fantastic interchanges abilities.


Involvement with generator delivered power and exchanging frameworks creating up to 380v.


Nature with the British electrical code and connectors.


Nature with Facility UPSs and littler, rack mountable UPSs.


Nature with HVAC electrical frameworks


Performs different obligations as required.


PC, printer, mini-computer, duplicate machine, and other general office hardware.

Will utilize an assortment of circuit repairman’s hand devices and estimating and testing instruments.


Work is in an operational situation in Southwest Asia. May be required to work a phenomenal voyage through obligation and broadened hours including evenings, ends of the week and occasions. Obligation area is liable to both extraordinary sweltering and cool climate conditions. Must have the capacity to meet physical wellness prerequisites to be esteemed fit for obligation and will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) e.g., head protector, body defensive layer, fire-retardent garments, hard caps, and so forth)). Assessed travel inside auditorium is 60&. Must have the capacity to lift 50 pounds.


Training/Certifications: One year related experience might be substituted for one year of instruction, if degree is required.

Instruction: High school training or comparable.

Experience: At slightest 5-7 years work involvement in the electrical wiring industry, which might

incorporate involvement in arranging, laying out, and introducing electrical appropriation frameworks in

agreement with the National Electrical Code (NEC), and should have been under the direct

supervision of a qualifying circuit repairman for an authorized electrical contractual worker. Electrical work

encounter might incorporate electrical establishment in business and mechanical classes. No more

than 75″ of the experience might be in any one classification. Administration/supervisory experience

wanted. Working learning of electrical frameworks including optional conveyance and inside

frameworks to begin with and incorporate the office benefit entrance conductors starting at the low

voltage side of the transformer. Hands on understanding of acknowledged exchange rehearses which include

electrical circuits, control links, controls, engines, twisting of conductor, and so forth. Hands on understanding

of apparatuses, test hardware, and materials associated with electrical work, and the capacity to peruse blue

prints, create fundamental single line outlines and unpleasant shop illustrations.

Affirmations: Accredited proficient exchange school or effective consummation of apprenticeship

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